About us

While improving the flute for many years and having invented an automatic system for C#, the time had come to bring the fruits of this research to the world : in 2013, Jacques Zoon and Rui Borges Maia decided to create the Zoon&Maia flute company, featuring a revolutionary wooden flute comprising an automatic C#-system and many smaller improvements.With a common inspiration, the company has decided to focus all the energy on making wooden flutes. A prototype has been finished and new flutes will be ready for trial very soon. Please, join our mailing list so that we can contact you as soon as our wooden flutes are ready.

Our flute is made in grenadilla- or cocus-wood. The scale, a result of long research, is based on a critical ear and the new C#-system offers a solution for the usual intonation problem for C#. The flute can be made with open- or closed-keys, the G-key is off-set and the mechanism has split E. Footjoint and body are made in one piece. Pillars are mounted on the wood without ribs in order to allow the wood to resonate more freely and also to reduce the weight of the flute. The tone holes are under- and over-cut for clear venting.The keywork is in sterling silver. D#- and C#-keys are provided with rollers for facilitating the movement of the right pinky.Being flutists, we believe that all these details should be integrated, in order to improve the sound quality, the intonation and the ease of playing. Therefore, they are not considered as extras.